Whether you’re playing an informal round of golf with your buddies or a more competitive game with other players, there are certain unwritten rules you should abide by.

The following handful of rules should guide your behaviour on the golf course:

  • Don’t step on another player’s line. This means you shouldn’t walk between your hole and another player’s ball on the putting green.
  • Play the game at a reasonable pace. This is to ensure that you don’t hold up other golfers behind you. If you’re a slow player, let others behind you play first.
  • Don’t criticise other golfers, or their fans, both on and off the course. Golf is a gentleman’s game and all players are required to respect other players. If your competitors’ fans get on your nerves, simply ignore or applaud them.
  • Avoid making noise. There is no need to shout or make any other unnecessary noise on the golf course. Be sure to switch off your phone so as not to distract other players. If you’re expecting an important call, make sure that your phone is on vibration mode, and step back 15 feet before taking the call.
  • Help other players look for their golf balls, especially if the ball is in a difficult spot. Hopefully, they’ll do the same for you.

Care and Maintenance for the Golf Course

Rake the sand traps after you’re done playing to show care for the course and to maintain good playability. Further, fix the ball marks (the indentations that the ball makes when landing on the green).

Also, make sure that you replace the divots. Divots are the pieces of turf that you cut out of the ground (with a golf club) when hitting the ball.

Golf etiquette helps keep the game cordial and prevents you from angering other players on the course.