Clubhouses and restaurants offer various services to club members. Besides wining and dining, they provide excellent spaces for other social activities. Moreover, some clubhouses and restaurants have an open door policy for non-members. However, the charges may be different for non-members. These extra events create an additional revenue stream for these facilities.

In this section, we sample other activities and services that are offered in clubhouses and restaurants.

Wedding Events

Couples caught in a dilemma on a perfect venue for weddings will do well to consider clubhouses and restaurants. These offer an excellent place for hosting weddings and after-parties. To avoid disappointment, get early bookings. It is also advisable to check whether your guests will enjoy the clubhouse setting.

Office End Year Parties

After a long gruelling year, clubhouse and restaurants provide a perfect ambience for staff to unwind, relax and have fun. With different games and amenities, the staff will indeed enjoy a great time out. Besides reservation, it is prudent to liaise with the club manager for a customized menu and services.

Children’s Day Out

Children enjoy outdoor activities. Clubhouses and restaurants offer different shows for children, particularly during school holidays or temporary closure. It is up to the parents and guardians to link up with club managers on developing games and offers that will have the children yearning for more. It is important to note that some clubhouses do not allow children activities as a matter of policy.

Team Building Activities

The modern workplace is made up of individuals working as teams to achieve set objectives. These teams will need to rejuvenate and lift their moods from time to time. Clubhouses and restaurants may be the go-to places for this renewal. The teams may engage in outdoor activities such as a round of golf, snooker and exciting duels.